Local Market Vendors Processing

What is the vendor application processing for farmers markets all about?

Arkansas Local Food Network’s local market vendors processing service is available to all central Arkansas farmers’ markets. The goal of this service is to simplify the application process for vendors and retail markets by aligning farmers’ markets with similar (if not identical) rules and regulations so that one application provides approval and access to multiple markets.

How does the service work?

Interested farmers’ markets can sign up for the service on an annual basis. All applications for vendors interested in selling at that farmers’ market (with the exception of a few categories like arts and crafts) will apply to ALFN. Once approved by ALFN, the farmers’ market is notified of the approval and the vendor now has access to the farmers’ market as well as to sell at ALFN.

Why is ALFN offering this service?

ALFN’s mission is to connect Arkansas to resilient farms and businesses to grow our local economy. This new service is one more way that we can employ to serve that mission.

We want to participate in the local food scene by joining the efforts already at work within our community. The ALFN board recognizes that there are several opportunities for our organization to grow over the next several years. In order to take advantage of those opportunities, our organization needs to re-position itself to support local growers in the best way possible into the future.


Interested in using this service? Have questions? Please send us a note.