Our History

Arkansas Local Food Network (ALFN) is established on 10 years of hard work, passion, and the commitment of lots of volunteers. The organization was founded in 2006 by Katy Elliot, Nao Ueda, and Danielle dePreux as the Arkansas Sustainability Network (ASN). ASN’s mission was to develop more sustainable communities through education, and innovation, and to encourage community collaboration and progress towards a healthy social, economic, and environmental future.

The online farmer’s market was born in June of 2007 when Katy, Nao, and Danielle saw an opportunity to support a local farm family. As Sue and Rusty Nuffer of Armstead Mountain Farms transitioned sales from farmers markets to restaurants, deliveries to their customers demanded that they visit the same areas of central Arkansas each week. Our founders missed seeing them at the local farmers markets and and so organized friends and family and coworkers to cooperatively purchase Armstead’s fresh, local food. This cooperative purchasing began to attract more farms as an opportunity for online direct sales to local folks and a step in the right direction for farm viability.

Since then, the market has continued to grow and today well over 30 farms and many families and friends purchase fresh Arkansas farm and local business products throughout the year.