We’re grateful to the community of ALFN supporters who helped the market recover from near closure at the end of 2019. ALFN has a built a small reserve fund and is no longer on the verge of insolvency. Through the late spring and summer, we’ve had 50 to 60 orders weekly, bringing greater revenue than the smaller weekly orders through the winter. Trends are looking good! We say that cautiously, though, because ALFN’s membership fees and mark-up don’t yield enough income to keep the market from losing money during slower periods. We have cut costs to a minimum, and board members and volunteers have assumed routine tasks to assist our market manager, who is working fewer hours than past managers. 

The viability of our market depends of recruitment of new customers, members, vendors, and donors. Those of you who value ALFN can help by shopping the market regularly, telling your friends and potential vendors about ALFN, and liking and sharing ALFN’s social media posts.  We probably all know someone who’s never heard about the online market. Help us grow by encouraging folks to order at:
ALFN pick-ups at St. Margaret’s in West Little Rock, and downtown on Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays, make getting your goods from the market easier than ever. Twelve volunteers are needed each week to operate pick-ups.  If you are a regular shopper at ALFN, consider volunteering monthly, or as often as you can. It’s fun to connect with others who value local food and it keeps us running.  We offer volunteer perks like free monthly membership and account credit.

Join us in welcoming new board members who bring enthusiasm and creative ideas; all are helping keep ALFN solvent and vibrant. Thank you to Fiona Dudley, Katy Elliott, Jodi Guryeva, Amie Lein, Robin Phelps and Jeanne Poe.
Please don’t hesitate to contact ALFN’s board members and market manager at: