* Fresh New Year * Farmer Profile – ANP

One delicious aspect of ALFN’s online farmers market is the near-year-round availability of typically summer produce (peppers, eggplants, etc.) from Arkansas Natural Produce (ANP). Because they grow in hoop houses, they can often provide peppers and eggplants much earlier and much later in the season – yum! (Keep your eye out for their early spring Romanian peppers.) Throughout the year you can get their incredible fresh herbs and greens at GoALFN.com. This ANP Farmer Profile was created for ALFN by Amie Lein, our Program & Market Manager…

Arkansas Natural Produce, Salad Greens. Photo courtesy of Deanna Fulbright (2019).

Arkansas Natural Produce, aka Jay and Deanna Fulbright and family, have been in the farm business since 1988. However, the seed for gardening (pun intended) was planted in Jay when he was a little boy helping his grandfather in his big garden in Cotton Plant, Arkansas. Since then, Jay and Deanna have been growing everything from arugula to zucchini. Their favorite things to eat are their salad and micro greens. All of their produce is super fresh, has great flavor, and as a bonus, no nasty chemicals on it.

The best thing about being a farmer, Jay says, is producing truly beautiful and delicious vegetables or fruit for people to enjoy. And his least favorite? It’s when they have issues that prevent them from providing enough produce for their customers. Lucky for us, Arkansas Natural Produce has several greenhouses that allow them to generate a supply of out-of-season vegetables that we can buy year round.


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