Giving Tuesday

Hello everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to remind everyone that Giving Tuesday is…you might have guessed it already…this Tuesday! As I look at the growing list of organizations taking part in this day, it serves as a reminder of how fortunate we are to have so many wonderful nonprofits in Arkansas. Your donations financially support organizations like ours, but even more than that, they show us how much you care! So whether it’s $2, $10, or $100, we really appreciate your generous giving. It’s great to know that there are so many people in the state of Arkansas who are dedicated to providing access to healthy food for everyone. Our organization supports programs like Green Groceries, which provides healthy meals to low-income families, ensures that farmers have a market to sell their product year-round, and gives urban residents a chance to get real, locally produced food. We have set up a page on our website for your donations, and hope to see you there on Tuesday!

Thanks guys! I know we all have a lot of post-Thanksgiving exercising to get back to, right? 😉

Claire Hodgson

Program & Market Manager


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