Volunteer Spotlight: Jack Bruno

If you’ve been to the Saturday market, chances are you have met and been helped by Jack, one of our most lively and frequent volunteers!  Jack has lived in Little Rock his whole life, and enjoys spending his down time on creative projects. This week we wanted to highlight his experience working with ALFN. 

Jack is very serious about local food.

When and why did you start volunteering with ALFN?

Jack: I started volunteering for ALFN when I first heard about them back in December of 2015. Within the first week I placed an order and realized they needed volunteers, and figured it would be a good way to learn more about local farms, merchants, and projects.

Do you have a funny or heartwarming story from volunteering?

Jack: No stories in particular that I can think of, but I like to think each week I volunteer is at least a little funny or heartwarming in some way, haha!

What is your favorite item to order from the market?

Jack: What I order most often is the green eggs from Green Acres in Atkins! They’re never anything short of delicious. Some of my favorites includes shiitake mushrooms from Arkansas Natural Produce, cilantro-almond pesto from Geek Eats, and -when they’re in season- peaches and spinach from Green Acres, as well as Jonathan Apples from Drewry Farms! I’m also very fond of all the bath and beauty products I’ve gotten from Tammy Sue’s Critters!


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