Christ Episcopal Church Named Best Market Partner for 2017

The Arkansas Farmers’ Market Association announced the winner of its “Arkansas Best Market Partners” contest at the organization’s annual meeting in January. Christ Episcopal Church is being honored for its decade-long partnership with the Arkansas Local Food Network. Arkansas Local Food Network’s board members nominated the church for its role in sustaining the organization since it was a fledgling online market.

Beverly Dunaway, president of the Arkansas Farmers’ Market Association said the annual Best Market Partner awards are an opportunity to show appreciation for partners who provide important opportunities for farmers’ markets.

Katy Elliott, one of Arkansas Local Food Network’s founders states, “Our partnership with Christ Church has been instrumental to the success of our farmers market. Early on, they provided us with an affordable space and our connection to the congregation has helped us to build, expand and sustain our programs. We couldn’t continue to connect Little Rock with fresh, local foods without a partner like Christ Church.”

In addition to sharing space, church members are enthusiastic food shoppers and volunteers at the market. Going above and beyond, Christ Episcopal Church’s partnership offers Arkansas Local Food Network a unique opportunity to source healthy local foods for the church’s Green Groceries program benefitting lower-income families. Recognized as one of 13 “Good Food” organizations in Arkansas by the James Beard Foundation and FoodTank in 2016, the Arkansas Local Food Network owes much of its success to its strong partnership with Christ Episcopal Church.

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 9.24.26 AM.png
Katy Elliot and Cathi Watkins of Arkansas Local Food Network Present the Best Market Partner Award to Reverend Scott Walters of Christ Episcopal Church

For more information about farmers’ markets in Arkansas contact your local cooperative extension agent or visit the Arkansas Farmer’s Market Association website.

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