Giving Back Through Fresh Local Foods

“I feel this program is a great resource for my family.”

“[I get]…good quality food I normally can’t afford but helps my health.”

“[Green Groceries]…fills the gap in between shopping weeks and provides healthier options. Some of the veggies and meats I’d never tried before.”

Marion Hill reacts to the fresh produce offered as part of the Green Groceries program at Christ Episcopal Church. Photo by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

These are just a few of the great comments we are getting from members of the Green Groceries Program at Christ Episcopal Church. The concept of the program is simple: getting fresh, local foods into the hands of low income families in need. Families receive a basket with foods like high quality meats, vegetables, fruit, bread, eggs, and honey every other week, and local growers receive full payment for their products.

Christ Church member Susie Shinn designed and implemented this program over three years ago, and it continues to be a growing, lively service with committed and welcoming volunteers. In February, Candace McCallister took over leadership of the program, with hopes of continuing Susie’s wonderful vision and expanding the program to serve more people in a fresh and sustainable way.

The program is a beautiful circle, supporting local growers, feeding local families with truly healthy food, and offering the rest of us the opportunity to share our bounty. The work of Green Groceries would not be possible if local people didn’t sponsor grocery baskets for their neighbors in need.

Green Groceries also has a strong partnership with ALFN in ordering and delivering the food. This week, if you make a donation to ALFN through Arkansas Gives, your gift will support Green Groceries and ensure that families in Little Rock have better access to nourishing, local foods.

By the 2017 Green Groceries Director, Candace McCallister

Support ALFN on April 6th for Arkansas Gives and help us continue to support programs like Green Groceries!

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