By ALFN Board Member, Sarah Donaghy

Zucchinis are coming out our ears! Well, not really, thank goodness. But zucchinis are abundant this time of year. Besides zucchini bread, one of my favorite, and somewhat indulgent, ways to use up these green gems is to make zucchini “fries”.

  1. Cut your zucchini into slices cross-wise or length-wise, whatever shape you prefer. If cross-wise, not too thin and if length-wise, not too thick.
  2. Toss the zucchini in a little bit of flour – shake off any excess. Then dip into a beaten egg. Next dip into a bowl containing an even mix of breadcrumbs or Panko and grated parmesan.
  3. You can pan fry in a bit of olive oil or bake on a pan coated with olive oil in a 350 degree oven until crispy, turning once midway for even browning. Then, eat up!

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