Board Member Spotlight: Tifany Hamlin

Tifany Hamlin wears lots of hats with many organizations in central Arkansas. She’s our current board chair, founder of Party with a Heart, market manager at Dogtown Farmers Market, and the new executive director with Be Pro Be Proud. A small town girl at heart, she knows how important it is to support local economies. That’s why she is passionate about local food and supporting our Arkansas farmers. When she’s not working (which is never, really), she and her husband, Harry love to travel all over the world.


How did you get involved with ALFN and when did you join the Board?

Tifany: We’ve been customers at ALFN since 2013. I loved being able to shop off season when my farmers market was closed. I joined the board in spring of 2015.

You just stepped into the role of board chair. Describe what that job entails and which part you’re most looking forward to.

Tifany: Being board chair really means coordinating all of the various activities that the board oversees as well as making sure that our program coordinator and weekly market has what it needs to be successful. We have such a great team — they make my job easy! I’m excited to serve ALFN in this way.

What would you say to someone considering becoming a board member or a volunteer at ALFN?

Tifany: Our organization is small but very active. There’s lots to do and every volunteer has an opportunity to play an important role at ALFN. The board is friendly and hardworking. It’s a great place to plug in without feeling overwhelmed by a large group of people you may not know. I consider all of my fellow board members good friends who have the same passion about local food and life in general.

What’s your favorite thing to order from the market?

Tifany: Right now I’m obsessed with Barnhill Orchards green leaf lettuce. It comes washed and ready to use and lasts more than a week (if we don’t get it all used up way before then!). I also love Bluebird Hill Berry Farm eggs — these have been a staple in my house for years!


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