Local Chef Spotlight: Matthew Bell at South on Main

Curious about what Arkansas products local chefs love and where they like to eat, we decided to ask one of our favorites to learn more. 
What’s a favorite ingredient that you cook with often? 
Bell:  Arkansas Rice*
*We carry a variety of local Arkansas rices at our online market.
What’s your favorite dish at your favorite local hot spot? 
Bell: I love anything on the brunch menu at @ The Corner in downtown Little Rock.
If you could have any superpower, which would it be? 
Bell: Time travel
Oh, that’s a good one. 
Bell’s restaurant, South on Main is known for its comfortable and hip vibe serving southern comforts and favorite cocktails in imaginative and exciting new ways. He’s also passionate about supporting local farmers and suppliers as often and as much as he can. With a seasonal menu, he takes advantage of what is fresh in and around the state of Arkansas.
From their website: “South on Main is a revolutionary cultural experience that includes a restaurant and performance venue featuring the best of Southern cuisine and culture. With a kitchen helmed by Chef Matthew Bell, the restaurant offers a sophisticated but unpretentious atmosphere and a creative and accessible menu. South on Main also presents programming related to the content of the Oxford American magazine, including musical performances, literary readings, film screenings, and other offerings, making it the place where the Oxford American goes “from the page to the stage.” The venue’s multi-discipline programming provides a forum for established and unknown artists to perform in front of an appreciative audience, providing a full culinary, artistic, and educational immersion in Southern culture.”

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