Community Cookbook: Bowled Over!

Bowls have revolutionized the way I eat, and I’m not talking about the ceramic Ikea dishes in my cupboard (even though I do think it’s superior to the plate, but that’s another blog post). Bowl dishes are the new trend in cooking that makes meal planning and throwing together healthy dinners SO easy. Really, try these out for a week and I promise you will never want to say “crockpot dump meal” ever again.

A bowl dish usually consists of a couple of veggies (and some fruit if any of your favorites are in season!), a grain or legume, a protein, and a healthy drizzle of sauce. They’re incredibly versatile and delicious, no matter if you make it vegan, vegetarian, seasonable, paleo, whatever. You can have fun and play with new flavor profiles (it’s so easy to stock your kitchen with Thai and Indian spices) or keep it simple! I like to prep a couple of ingredients over the weekend and mix and match ingredients throughout the week. Here are a couple of amazing bowl recipes to get you started – don’t be afraid to substitute in your favorite ingredients and get a little creative!

-Claire H., ALFN Program & Market Manager

Masala Chickpea Buddha Bowl from Full of Plants


Salmon Roll Sushi Bowl from Savory Tooth


Mermaid Smoothie Bowl from The Glowing Fridge


Healthy Chicken Shawarma Quinoa Bowls from Peas & Crayons


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