We get asked these two questions a lot:

1) How do I eat local foods?
2) Where do I find them?

For those of us who live in central Arkansas, the answer to those two questions has become much easier over the last several years. We are blessed to have dozens of family farms within 100 miles of the Little Rock metro area who bring their produce, meats, eggs, honey, and other goodies into the city for sale. You can buy almost everything you need to eat from local Arkansas farms!

The article below is from a blog we like called The Spruce. It lists 10 great ways to start eating locally and the tips they share are exactly what we tell friends who ask us the same question.

At ALFN, we are proud to say that we have the best selection of locally grown and produced goods of any market in our area. It’s all conveniently available on our online market. For more information about how our market works, visit this link or call us at (501) 396-9952.

Written by Board Director Tifany Hamlin

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