Where do you go to get a savory pear chutney, a bouquet of zinnias, and a tasty bag of sprouted lentils? From Amandaland Farms at ALFN of course! Amanda Isbell is serving up uniquely delicious treats for our food club, and shared with us how and why she got into the microgreens game.

21032782_855306654645602_3526899374442165211_n 2
Amanda brings a warm presence to the local food scene!

Amanda: I’ve always loved to grow things, and I’ve always loved healthy food. Microgreens are where those interests come together. I am so amazed that all the energy that little plant needed was right there in that seed. I grow the microgreens on soil and keep them happily watered. They come out of their seed in the most beautiful ways. They are packed with nutrients and can be used anywhere you would use lettuce or spinach. I harvest them on the night before or the day of the market so they are super fresh! They are versatile, they are a nutrition powerhouse, and they are just darn cute. My favorite ways to eat them are:

  • 20799507_849040745272193_2745679895879190816_n.jpg
    Move over breakfast salsa, here comes pesto and microgreens

    Pea shoot and zucchini salad with feta cheese and olive oil lemon dressing

  • Pea shoots sauteed with sesame oil and peppers – like a stir fry
  • Sunnie (sunflower shoots) on lettuce wraps, on tomato sandwiches, and in my salads
  • Microgreens in my morning smoothie – they are packed with vitamin C
  • I love them mostly in savory dishes, but I really did enjoy a pea shoot and Arkansas strawberry salad with a balsamic vinaigarette.


I also love the ALFN market! I love that it is non-profit and run by volunteers! I had so much fun talking with everyone, seeing the incredible products by the growers, and cheese makers, and bread bakers. I am really proud to be able to offer my microgreens through this venue.

21314536_859713270871607_9129961772846386320_n.jpg  20526261_843066885869579_8906433415844958081_n.jpg

Look for all of Amandaland’s products, like microgreens, pears, and chutney, on ALFN’s Little Rock Food Club!

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