Board Member Spotlight: Sarah Donaghy

An organization can only be as good as the people in it, and today we would like to highlight a very special member of the Arkansas Local Food Network!  Sarah Donaghy has spent the past year leading the board of ALFN, and is now passing that torch on to another amazing team member. We were able to sit down with her and ask her a few questions about her time with us. And don’t worry – she’s not going anywhere! Sarah will continue to serve on our board for the upcoming year. No goodbyes yet, but let’s give her a hearty round of thanks for her time and dedication!

*If you are interested in joining the ALFN board, we have position openings! Please submit your inquiries to*

Sarah helping with honey extraction at ALFN vendor The Sweet Life Apiary

Tell us about getting involved with ALFN and why you joined the board.

Sarah: I joined ALFN as a member pretty early on and started volunteering shortly thereafter. I joined the food club committee first and then became a food club coordinator in 2013 and was later asked to consider becoming a board member that year. I’ve been on the board for three years, serving as chair in 2015 and 2016. I loved volunteering and coordinating because it was a great way to check out different products and vendors. I’d see something beautiful while volunteering and then include it in my own order the next week. I also liked the sense of community that came along with being more involved in this way, like getting to talk with other members about how they use various items. I joined the board as it allowed me to make a deeper commitment to supporting local food systems and to lend my professional experience to an organization in transition.

What advice would you give to someone considering a board position?

Sarah: I’d recommend board service to folks interested in making a significant and sincere commitment to ALFN as an organization. This is not a figurehead role. Board members with a passion for ALFN and the time and talents to lend the team are critical to the health of the organization as a nonprofit.

What’s your favorite item to order from the market?

Sarah: I can’t possibly pick just one favorite item to order from the market – I have many favorites! 😊

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