by Board Member and Customer Angela Gardener 
  1. Pumpkins, Squashes and Gourds. A staple of the fall season, pumpkins, squashes and gourds are a multifunctionaladdition for your home décor. Barnhill Orchards has a variety of squashes available for purchase though the market, check out their great combo pack or Butternut, Acorn and Sunshine squash. Armstead Mtn. Farm also has some visually delightful Tahitian Butternut Squash that would look great on your front stoop. For mini pumpkins and gourds, visit Rattle’s Garden at the Hillcrest Farmer’s Market.
  2. Cotton. Incorporate these tufts into your next table place setting or add to a glass jar or tin vase for a water free table decoration. Cotton can be picked at Peebles Family Farm near Augusta, Arkansas. Bring the family and enjoy the corn maze while you’re there! Hurry though, the maze and cotton patch will close on Oct. 31st.85d94448c6e13d9114041b352ac862c0
  3. Dried Okra stalks. For a new twist to front door or mailbox décor, consider adding dried okra stalks with pods intact. Jill Forrester, a grower/owner of New South Produce Co-op has stalks available for sale on her website.
  4. Sorghum & Millet. Another fun addition to wreaths and front door entrances are bundled stalks of sorghum and millet. The 8th Annual Sorghum Festival will be held on Oct. 28th at the Historic Heritage Museum in Mount Ida, Arkansas. Ornamental Millet can be found at local nurseries and placed in pots or directly planted into your flower beds.ae0f6713216eec2c438756a95b93604e.jpg
  5. Magnolia Leaves. Arkansas is blessed with a variety of Magnolia Trees. Take a stroll around a nearby park and you should be able to find one. There are also some Japanese Magnolia Trees located on the grounds of the State Capital. Gather some branches to place in vases or harvest leaves for a garland and wreath. To extend the life of the leaves, mist lightly and keep out of direct sunlight.

magnolia leaves in copper pail.jpg

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