A Message for Our Volunteers: Thank You!

Thanksgiving is in the air! I can’t think of a better way to spend our time than in gratitude. We’re all highly aware of the atrocities and problems that exist in our world – too aware, some might argue. It’s easy to become bogged down in the anxiety that comes with constantly hearing bad news. What can we do to combat this negativity? By giving thanks. By looking for a silver lining and a sliver of gratitude on the most routine days. By celebrating all the wonderful, good things that life brings.

At ALFN we have a lot to be thankful for. We are a small nonprofit that has a big goal – connecting farmers to consumers throughout Arkansas. The Little Rock Food Club, the 501’s only online farmer’s market, is a vital part of fulfilling our mission to bring more local food into the hands of consumers and increase business for local farmers and vendors. As many of you know, every Saturday and Monday we run pick up locations for customers to conveniently grab the groceries they ordered during the week from farms and kitchens all over Arkansas. These pickups require a lot of organization, inventory work, and big smiles. It would absolutely not be possible without the volunteers who show up every Saturday morning to help sort, count, and distribute food to our customers. These volunteers come from all walks of life – some are retired, some are college students, and others volunteer a few hours before heading into their weekend jobs – but they all have one thing in common: a passionate commitment to a healthy local food system.

Cathi and Jeff make a great volunteer duo!

Since this weekend is our Thanksgiving Market (the last chance for folks to order everything they need for their Thanksgiving meals next Thursday), we’d like to take a moment to formally recognize and appreciate all of the volunteers who spent a Saturday morning with us over the past year. If you find that you are interested in spending a few hours volunteering with us, please consider signing up for a shift. Every shift you volunteer earns you $5 of credit or a month of membership on our online market. No matter how often or how long you volunteer, we are grateful!

2017 ALFN Volunteers:

Amanda Isbell

Angela Gardner

Cathi Watkins

Cyd King

Elizabeth Lee

Fiona Dudley

Heather Paul

Jack Bruno

Jeff Watkins

Joyce Hardy

Karen Huber

Karen Walls

Katelynn Walker

Kathy Rateliff

Katy Elliot

Lamonica Anderson


Lauren Palmer

Lauren Robinson

Lynn Frost

Marisa Nelson

Molly Robinson

Samantha Lee

Sandy Haden

Stephen Wild

Sunny Singh

Tamara Robinson

Thomas Herndon


Thank you for all you do volunteers!! Keep fighting the good fight.

-Claire Admire, Program & Market Manager17814688_10158753493530122_1551948993460827646_o.jpg

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